Getting Ready...

Dear Harrisonians:

While you are enjoying the last days of Summer Break, those of us here in the Harrison Office are eagerly waiting for your arrival.  We are planning programs and getting ready for your arrivals.

If you have any ideas for programs, if you are a member of a Penn group that Harrison might partner, or if you would like to get involved with the planning process, then please drop us a note at  

We already have a dinner and conversation set with our Vice Provost for Education Dr. Beth Winkelstein to discuss her research.  We have our Harrison Reading Community Sylabus set, and we have tickets to see the Phillies play the Mets and for the Flyers to take on the Oilers.

Front Row Theater nearly ready to go with its NSO extravaganza: Songs for a New World, which they will present in the Heyer Sky Lounge on August 26-28.

Our RA and GA staff arrive in one week. Shortly after they arrive, you should be hearing from then.

So please, enjoy the remainder of the summer, but think about ways that you might all become more integrated with the programs and work that happen in Harrison.

Frank Pellicone, PhD
Harrison College House Dean

Elvis the House Dog