Spring is Here (Pay no attention to the falling snow)

Dear Harrisonians,

Welcome back from break.  The next few weeks will be challenging: assignments will be due; projects approach completion, and papers will pile, all while the weather gets nicer, and there seems to be some sort of celebration everywhere you look. 

Please remember that Harrison offers great resources for academic support: Professor Safley's Easy Writer helps you wade through your paper-writing; all RAs and GA s hold office hours, the tutoring center provides help right in Harrison, and the full coterie of Harrison staff members can be found either in M10, the Harrison suite of offices, or anywhere else in the building.

And it's important from time to time to put down the work and mingle with your neighbors.  Find out what their work is like, share ideas, or simply enjoy one of the many house programs.

The spring can be the best time in Harrison.  Make the most of it.


Frank Pellicone, PhD
Harrison College House Dean