Freshman Experience

The popular Freshman Experience program acquaints first-year students at Penn with many of the resources and points of interest that the university and its surrounding community have to offer. By bringing together freshmen with sophomores, juniors, and seniors with proven interests in mentoring, counseling, and developing the university community, this program will serve as an extended orientation program as students arrive, and will help those students develop into active citizens within their newly chosen academic community. The program is home to roughly 50 freshmen.
Upperclassmen: Those who apply should be students who specifically understand the advantages, expectations, and needs of first-year students living in Harrison College House. Peer advisors, PHINS, and others who have already participated in aspects of New Student Orientation, along with current members of the Freshman Experience Program are encouraged to apply. We are no longer accepting applications for upperclassmen for 2016-17. 
Incoming freshmen: The application deadline for incoming freshmen is May 2nd at midnight. To complete your application, please visit your UPenn acceptance page.
If you have any questions please email:

How to Apply for Harrison's Freshman Experience Program:

Applicants are asked to write a brief essay explaining their interest in the Freshman Experience program. Tell us how you would be engaged in the community, participate in house events, and what the house can offer you. A committee of current participants in the Freshman Experience program, as well as representatives from the Harrison College House Senior Staff will select applicants based on their responses. Harrison College House will be accepting applications for 2016-2017 residential programs through May 2nd, 2016

To find out more about the application process, please first visit the Freshman Housing Applications & Assignments page. You will find the answers to most of your questions HERE:

  • Resources: choosing options & filling out the forms
  • College Houses (Harrison): Room types & Freshman Experience info

Under Important Information, be sure to click on the triangles:

  • Process & Deadlines (We suggest you start here!)
  • Residential Programs
  • Assignment Process

If your Housing Preferences form is received by May 2, your assignment information will be available after June 10.