Sophomore Ambassadors

The Harrison Sophomore Ambassador Program promotes continuity between programming in first-year houses with the experience of the vibrant, academically-centered, residential living celebrated in Harrison College House.

Goals: The programs created by Harrison Sophomore Ambassadors will increase visibility of the high rises among first year students and increase continuity between residents of first-year houses and the high rises. There will also be development and implementation of programs specifically to meet the educational and development needs of second year students will include: workshops on learning styles; Major Dinners with the College and Concentration Dinners with Wharton; research and grant projects in partnership with CURF.

Expectations: Harrison Sophomore Ambassador participants will be assigned to a specific first year house. Once assigned to a first-year house, Sophomore Ambassador Program participants will develop mentor ship opportunities with first year students throughout the academic year, actively encourage participation in Harrison programming, and establish programs to foster interaction among Harrison College House and first-year houses. Along with the assignment of a first year house, Ambassadors will be assigned specific Resource Centers and Departments with which to partner, to create programs for the greater Harrison community centered around issues of personal identity, growth, and academic success.

To Apply: Applicants are asked to write a brief essay explaining their interest in the Sophomore Ambassador program. Tell us how you would be engaged in the community, participate in house events, and what the house can offer you. A committee representatives from the Harrison College House Senior Staff, the Harrison RAs and GAs and Office Staff members will select applicants based on their responses.