Food for Thought: The Promises and Problems of Technology: or Wisdom for Living in a Digital Age


This Sept, Food for Thoughtwill discuss how digital and mechanical technologies have become indispensable in nearly every aspect of our lives, so much so that we rarely think critically about the roles they should fill in social as well as individual existence. This module challenges our everyday indifference to things technological. Join us as we explore the uses and abuses of technology and consider what a human-centered use of technology might really look like. - and discuss them in short weekly modules in an informal and collegiate atmosphere.

Join Collegium Institute and Harrison College House for these dinner discussions over the great texts without the pressure of grades or papers.  All texts and dinner are provided for registered participants.  

RSVP to Elizabeth Feeney at


Wednesday September 27th, 2017
5:30 PM to 7:00 PM


Seminar Room M20