Food for Thought: why does tragedy occur?


Join Collegium Institute and Harrison College House for Food for Thought, a weekly seminar engaging foundational questions without the stress of grades or papers (Dinner and texts included!). 

The theme for the first module dovetails off of Penn's Academic Theme Year: The Year of Why - Why does Tragedy Occur? - The Problem of Evil:

To cope with tragedy, if we don't simply recoil from horror, we often try to make sense of the apparently senseless.  Why does tragedy occur?  From whence does it come, and what purpose—if any—does it serve?  What does it imply about God? To address these questions, we will reflect together on classic texts stretching from Greek tragedy to Hannah Arendt’s reflections on the Holocaust.

For any questions and to RSVP, contact Philippe Beckerat


Wednesday September 26th, 2018
5:45 PM to 7:15 PM


Seminar Room M20