Harrison Reading Community: Hand to Mouth


Join fellow Harrisonians to discuss Hand to Mouth. Harrison Reading Community examines a broad range of investigations into the American experience.  How do the authors present their work? Are their narratives compelling? Are they convincing?  How can these texts help build community within Harrison and beyond our hallowed, purple walls?  Read, discuss, and engage!


Synopsis: Linda Tirado explains not only what it is to be working poor in America, but also what poverty is truly like, on all levels. In her thought-provoking voice, Tirado discusses how she went from lower-middle class, to sometimes middle class, to poor and everything in between. In doing so, she reveals why poor people don't always behave the way middle-class America thinks they should.


Copies of the book will be available in the Harrison Office (M10) until the Friday before the discussion. Taking a copy of the book affirms that you will read the book before the discussion, and be available to attend. 


Sunday November 12th, 2017
11:00 AM to 1:00 PM


Seminar Room M20