Music Room

Located in the Rathskellar, these are great for musicians who need to sneak in a little practice. Each room has a piano and enough chairs for an ensemble to practice. Rooms are not always supplied with stands, so bring a collapsible one if you are particular.

Music Practice Room LL13 may be used for occasional practice, rehearsal, or related meetings. It includes two upright pianos (a good Baldwin console piano belonging to the Music Department and an older Hamilton upright), stackable chairs, and open floor space to accommodate up to 10 individuals. It can be reserved for up to two hours on the Harrison website. It may not be used for dance practice or amplified instruments.

Music Practice Room LL14 is equipped with a Yamaha upright piano, maintained and tuned regularly by the Music Department, piano bench, and music stands. Priority is given to instructors and participants of the College House Music Program. Limited access may be given to other music students and members of Music Department musical groups, with priority given to Harrison residents and participants in Harrison programs. You may apply for access on the Harrison College House Music Program Practice Room Application. All those approved may use the space on a drop in basis when the space is not in use.

Please note: The Music Practice Rooms are open only during the academic school year.