RA/GA Office Hours

All RAs and GAs in Harrison hold a weekly office hour. Residents are encouraged to stop by their RA/GAs or any staff member's office hours for any questions they have about the house or academics. Get to know your RA/GAs!

RAGA Office Hours + Academic Interests
  Floor RA/GA Office Hour Day/Time School Degree Concentration/Minor/Activities
1 Carlos Cabrera Thursday 8 - 9pm College of Arts and Sciences BA Criminology Performing arts, Africana Studies
2 Stan Najmr Monday 8-9pm College of Arts and Sciences Ph.D Chemistry Chemistry, Philosophy, R&D
3 Francisco Gomez Friday 6 - 7pm College of Arts and Sciences B.A. Biophysics Medicine, Ninjutsu
4 Nicole Pennycooke Monday 8 - 9pm Law School J.D.  
5 Peter Ojo Wednesday 8-9pm Wharton B.S. Economics Concentrations: Finance and Operations, Information, and Decisions
6 Whitney Orji Monday 5-6pm Medical School M.D. SNMA, global health
7 Isabella (Izzy) Lopez Wednesday 5-6pm College of Arts and Sciences B.A. English Creative Writing, Poetry, Playwriting, Performing arts
8 Haley Mankin Tuesday 8-9pm College of Arts and Sciences/SP2 B.A. Communications + Public Service, M.S. Social Policy Health policy, Front Row Theatre Co., dance and choreography
9 Deniz Beser Tuesday 7-8pm College of Arts and Sciences/Engineering B.S.E. Computer Science + Cognitive Science Jazz Combos, Latin and Ballroom Dancing
10 Courtney Helt Tuesday 8-9pm Law School J.D. Equal Justice Foundation, Penn Law Women's Association
11 Francesca Polizotto Thursday 8-10pm College of Arts and Sciences B.A. Political Science Concentration: American Politics, Minor: Urban Education Policy, Activities: Penn Education Society, Women SPEAK, Circle K
12 Ellen Duong Tuesday 8-9pm Engineering B.S.E. Digital Media Design, M.S.E. Computer Graphics + Game Technologies  Virtual Reality, Performing Arts (Stage Design/Tech), Minor in Fine Arts
13 Nayef Yassin Friday 4-5pm Engineering Mechanical Engineering Engineering Entrepreneurship. Penn Arab Student Society, Penn Electric Racing.
14 Amanda Labora Monday 8 - 9pm Medical School M.D. Latino Medical Student Association
15 Trevor Glenn Monday 8 - 9pm College of Arts and Sciences B.A. in Biological Basis of Behavior Chemistry Minor, Spanish Certificate, Pre-Medical Track
16 David Kirui Tuesday 8-9pm College of Arts and Sciences/Wharton Ph.D. in Sociology; A.M. in Statistics Fontaine Society, Teach For America, Black Graduate and Professional Student Assembly (BGAPSA), Africana Summer Institute (SI), Peer Mentorship/Professional Development
17 Barry Oshiba Tuesday 6 - 7pm College of Arts and Sciences B.A. in Cinema Studies + Economics

Film, Kinoki Senior Society, Nexo Productions

18 Polly Kang Monday 8 - 9pm  Wharton Ph.D. Decision Sciences
19 Kendra Hong Thursday 6 - 7pm College of Arts and Sciences B.A. Computational Biology Minors in Sociology and Chemistry
20 Paul Musso Monday 8 - 9pm College of Arts and Sciences Ph.D. Concentration: Moral Philosophy, Ancient Philosophy
21 Eugene (Gene) Otero Tuesday 9 - 10pm Wharton B.S. Economics Concentrations: Marketing and Operations, Information, and Decisions, Minor: Japanese Studies, Other Interests: PC gaming, skincare, Philly food scene, LGBTQ+ issues, animation, graphic design
22 Peter (Pete) Harvey Tuesday 8 - 9pm College of Arts and Sciences Ph.D. Sociology Gender, religion, class, the family. Squash and rugby union
23 Trisha Ramadoss Thursday 8 - 9pm Engineering/College of Arts and Sciences B.A. Electrical Engineering + Physics Engineering Entrepreneurship minor, Penn Hindu and Jain Association, Alpha Omega Epsilon Engineering and Technical Science Sorority
24 Najnin Islam Thursday 9 - 10pm College of Arts and Sciences Ph.D. English Literature