Harrison M10

Dear Harrisonians:

Do you know which college house has a better, friendlier, more competent staff than Harrison College House? Congratulations to all of you who answered "no other college house has a more competent, friendly, office staff than Harrison College House."

So, stop by M10 any week day between 9AM and 6 PM to find out how you can be more involved in the house, to talk about program ideas that you might have, or partnerships that you would like to propose.

Stop by my office to chat or to let me know what's going well in your world, or for advice about how things might be able to go better.  Talk with our House Coordinator Jennifer Hook, who has been part of the Harrison Community longer than anybody on campus (including me.)

or come say "hello" to Elvis.

Occassionally, I might send some of you a note when I ask to meet with you, so, please make sure that you come when you are asked to do so.

But, really, who would pass up the chance to come by? We are all nice folks here. (and one, especially nice rat terrier.)

Frank Pellicone, PhD
Harrison College House Dean

Elvis the House Dog