Harrison's Residential Programs

Dear Harrisonians:

The Residential Program Assignment Process is upon us once again.

As you know the Front Row and the Arts Program and the Integrated Living Program provide smaller communities within the larger construct of our 800 person, cozy home. These programs help shape the Harrison identity:think of all the great performances and extraordinary sets and costumes have graced the Heyer Sky Lounge. The Integrated Living Program shapes the Dinner and Conversation series for the house, it helps drive our Harrison Reading Community, and it has given rise to the Penn Cinema Initiative and so many other enterprises. 

And starting in the Fall of 2018 Harrison will host a residential program community dedicated to cinema. The Harrison Cinema in Residence program will take an active lead in developing the Harrison Cinema In Residence course as well as cinematic programs in Harrison and beyond.

The deadline for applications for these programs is January 22, 2018. 

Get your groups together, and get your applications going.

See you around the house,

Dr. Frank Pellicone
Harrison College House Dean

Elvis the House Dog