Guest Policy

A resident's privilege to have guests in Harrison College House is subject to the following rules:
  1. A resident may not pressure or force roommates to tolerate the presence of a guest;
  2. The presence of guests must not restrict the free access of legitimate occupants to all common spaces and to any private space they may have, or create any situation that infringes on the right of roommates to remain undisturbed;
  3. The presence of a guest may neither be constant nor continuous;
  4. All hosts must give their names and those of their guests to the Information Center upon entry. Hosts must provide their room number, along with the date and time. Visitors must present valid picture ID and sign their name in the official logbook before entering;
  5. Hosts must accompany guests at all times.  A guest may not occupy a student's room when the student is not present. A resident may not give the guest a room key or University ID to enter residences. The resident must accompany the guest inside the building.
  6. Guests are not allowed to sleep in lounges or any other common spaces.
  7. Hosts are responsible for the behavior of their guests and assume liability for any damages or disruptions caused by them.