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Office Hours: Mondays-Fridays, 10 AM- 7 PM
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During the summer the Harrison Office is open
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Public Room Usage Policy

Harrison College House offers many common rooms for use and enjoyment by our 850 residents. Like living room and den, these shared rooms provide crucial options for studying, relaxing, socializing, and getting a little space. Please use reasonable civility and care when using these facilities.

Groups or individuals may not dominate use through regular, extended, or exclusive use for meetings, social gatherings, or rehearsals -unless they have sought and received approval. Priority is given to programs created by Harrison Staff, followed by approved use for co-sponsored Harrison events.

Groups interested in using either the Heyer Sky Lounge or Harrison M20 must first meet with the House Dean or other staff members. Events held in either the Heyer Sky Lounge or Harrison M20 must be either sponsored or co-sponsored by Harrison College House.

Co-sponsored Harrison Events:
For an event to be a Harrison event, it must uphold the ideals of Harrison College House and it must guarantee that all Harrisonians who wish to participate must be able to do so with all of the privileges afforded any other member of the group.

With our limited space and resources for the 800 students, faculty, and staff in our community, we must prioritize activities that benefit our undergraduates and look for activities that do not duplicate the activities that we currently provide.

Room Reservations:
Rooms may not be reserved on an on-going basis without approval of the House Dean. Likewise, floor lounges may not be reserved as meeting spaces other than those sponsored by Harrison staff.

Harrison residents may request to reserve the following rooms on the website: Meeting Room LL12, Music Practice Room LL13, Study Room 102, and Study Room 103. Reservation requests must meet the following criteria:

  • Requests will be processed on a first-come, first-serve basis
  • Individuals or groups may not request use of a space more than one week in advance of the reservation date
  • Rooms are available for up to two hours only
  • Rooms will be available to individuals or groups for one-time use only

About the Reservable Spaces:
In addition to the rules which govern all public spaces, the following restrictions apply to the spaces listed below:

  • Food and beverages are not allowed in these rooms
  • Rooms must be locked after groups finish using spaces
  • Any violation of the terms may terminate eligibility of future use

Meeting Room LL12
This room is available for meetings and study groups. It accommodates up to 20 people, with 16 upholstered study chairs around a block of three large seminar tables. It includes a 4’ by 6' dry erase board and PennNet port. Please note that Room LL12 will be used for group study, tutoring, and events sponsored by Harrison College House or university sponsored committee meetings approved by the Harrison College House Dean.

Music Practice Room LL13
Music Practice Room LL13 may be used for occasional practice, rehearsal, or related meetings. It includes two upright pianos (a good Baldwin console piano belonging to the Music Department and an older Hamilton upright), stackable chairs, and open floor space to accommodate up to 10 individuals. It can be reserved for up to two hours on the Harrison website. It may not be used for dance practice or amplified instruments.

See here for information on Music Practice Room LL14, available to participants of College House Music Program and Music Departments groups.

Study Room 102
Study Room 102 is a small class room used for classes, tutoring, study groups, and meetings of academic groups. It includes seminar tables with seating for 12, a whiteboard, projector screen (projector not provided), network port, and wireless. There is also a countertop. Although it can be reserved on the website, priority is given to academic courses and Harrison-sponsored study groups

Study Room 103
This small study rooms seats 8 people around a table, with additional stacking chairs. It also has a projector screen (projector not provided) and whiteboard.