Harrison’s motto, non sibi sed toti, translated as "Not for the self, but for everyone" is a big part of our house culture.  We are a big house with a big heart, and we hope you feel that throughout the year by fully engaging in our shared community.   
In addition to our motto, we have four values in Harrison College House. We encourage all residents to live these values fully and authentically. Our values are:  

  • Curiosity: Seeking to explore new knowledge, both in our academic and social lives. 
  • Inclusion: We welcome and embrace different perspectives and identities to make our house a home. 
  • Service: Living our house motto “not for the self, but for everyone,” we give back to our neighbors both within our house and the surrounding community. 
  •   Wellness: Taking care of our mind and body so that we can be a well-balanced community member. 

During your Opening Community Meeting, all residents will get a punch card with our house values on it. Attend one House Wide Program that aligns with each of our house vlaues, and be entered to win a prize at the end of each semester!