Poster Policy

Posting in the Lobbies of Harrison College House is primarily for intra-house communication.

Rules for posters in Harrison are as follows:

  • Materials for posting must clearly state the name of a registered University of Pennsylvania or Harrison College House organization or program.
  • Posters for non-Harrison College House events may only be posted on floors 1-25 of the EAST side of the building adjacent to the elevators.
  • Posters shall be limited to one per event. Posting multiple posters by any one group on the same wall space, may result in removal of all posters by that group.
  • Posters may only be displayed on bulletin boards, unless given special approval by the house dean.
  • There will be no posting in stairwells or on elevators.
  • Any posting in violation of these rules will be removed immediately and responsible groups or individuals may be subject to fines.
  • Posting on residential floors of Harrison College House shall be at the discretion of the RA or GA on each floor. Staff members reserve the right to set policy for posting on residential floors and may remove posters deemed inappropriate.
  • Posters may not be placed over existing posters.
  • Handing out flyers door to door and sliding flyers, of any size, under suite doors is strictly prohibited, unless authorized by the Harrison House Director, Eric Cottrell.