Work in Harrison

For most jobs, you must be a Harrison resident. We give priority to work-study students, but we do hire non-work study students if we are unable to fill the position or if a qualified person brings a unique set of skills or experience.

Harrison Office: Are you living in Harrison for the 2019-20 school year? Do you like to hang out with fun people? Are you a dedicated student looking for a job? If so, you may be perfect for a job with the Harrison College House Office staff.

Each April, we interview and hire new staff for the fall. The Harrison Office is a great place to work, right in your own home, and we have filled most positions at this time. We hear from many great students, and we may yet have a place for additional staffers.

We look for responsible, hard-working people with specific skills and/or a strong motivation to learn and carry through. About Harrison jobs:

  • New staff will join the Harrison Office team as College House Assistants.
  • We offer opportunities to move up to Manager roles
  • Jobs are open to Harrison residents and Work Study is given priority.

2019-20 Jobs: Harrison's Fall 2019 hiring is complete, but please look out for future opportunities.

Most staff are hired as general College House Assistants. Here are some of the activities you may be invovled in working with us:

  • General Duties

    • Responsibilities include staffing the office, answering phones, hanging posters, taking inventory of paper goods, running errands as needed, general office organization, and other tasks in support of House events.

  • Academic Programming

    • ​Responsibilities include organizing our Dinner & Conversation series and Works in Progress, as well as coordinating with directors of the Integrated Living Program. 

  • Art & Graphic Design

    • ​Responsibilities include creating posters for house events, as well as maintaining other advertisement methods (chalkboards, white boards, etc.) Photoshop and Illustrator skills preferred.

  • Office Operations

    • ​Responsibilities include hanging posters, taking inventory of paper goods, running errands as needed, and general office organization. 

  • Ticketed Events

    • ​Responsibilities include organizing ticketed events, managing RSVP lists, and contacting students regarding RSVPs and co-pays. 

  • Communications

    • ​Responsibilities include Harrison's weekly newsletter, Harrison Happenings, and social media.

In addition, all Harrison employees should be:

  • Outgoing and personable
  • Reliable and responsive to emails, texts, phone calls, etc.
  • Excited about house events
  • Quick learners and willing to ask questions

For more information: keep checking the house website, stop on by the office in the Upper Lobby - past the elevators, up the stairs, and to the right, or email


ITA: For all positions, contact College Houses and Academic Services Technology.

Information Center: Get a front row seat for all the comings and goings and make a difference. Drop by the Information Center in the Lower Lobby for more information.