Important Contact Numbers

Harrison House Office - P: 215-573-3539 E:

The Harrison House Office is a great resource. The staff in the Office works to keep all the events going on in Harrison running smoothly. Contact the Office if you have questions about events, event ideas, need to get in touch with the House Coordinator, Jennifer Hook or House Dean Pellicone, or have another question that you aren't sure to whom it should be directed. The House Office is open from 10am to 7pm during weekdays and is not open on the weekends. 

Harrison Information Center- P: 215-898-5256

The Information Center is located right as you walk in the doors of the Harrison Lobby. This is where you can sign in guests, and check out carts, lockout keys, or keys to rooms that you have reserved. The Information Center is staffed 24/7 either by students or security guards. If you have an emergency please call Penn Police first and then, if you want, you can call the Info Center so that they can contact the RA/GA who is on duty to let them know.  

Harrison Package Room- P:215-573-0954

Have a question about a package delivery? This is the place to contact. Please keep in mind, however, that if your package was delivered through UPS or FedEx, you will have to add additional time for processing -- but usually no longer than a day. If you have a package that is being delivered through regular USPS it may appear as completed when it reaches the general postal site for all Penn Mail, so you will also have to wait 2 or more days for it to be distributed from Penn's general postal site to our specific college house. As for all mail, Sundays are not delivery days and you should know the Package Room is not open 24/7. Hours are posted in the mail area. 

Facilities Requests- P: 215-898-7208 (emergencies only)

Need a maintenance request filled? Contact facilities through their online service request form, found here. If it is an emergency requiring urgent attention such as a water leak, use the phone number above to contact the Work Order.