Multicultural Exchange Community

As a global university, Penn’s diverse undergraduate population is full of students who are not only keen to succeed in academics, but also motivated to form long-lasting connections with people from all backgrounds. The University is already home to a plethora of wonderful affinity groups focused on uniting students who share a common identity, and the Multicultural Exchange Community House (MECH) furthers this by directly encouraging students from distinct backgrounds to live, work, and learn together, inherently promoting diversity and cultural exchange. Residents in the program share a common curiosity toward different cultures, perspectives, and people.

The vision for MECH is inspired by its originators' first-year experience living on the same floor in Hill College House. In MECH, students from all backgrounds will be immersed in a multicultural community with others who are also enthusiastic about discussing and exploring aspects of culture and identity. As a residential community, members will benefit from not just planned intercultural interactions, such as formally-organized speaker events or holiday celebrations, but also the more casual, day-to-day activities that come with living together. From hanging out in our suites to exploring the various ethnic neighborhoods in Philadelphia and beyond, residents will feel proud of their own identities and be able to bridge cultural differences.