Why Our House

Harrison College House proudly offers Penn students the opportunity for intellectual engagement, social exchange, and profound interactions among its residents and guests.  Regular dinners with faculty through the Dinner and Conversation series;  courses taught in residence, such as Cinema in Residence; theatrical performances by Front Row Theater, Harrison's residential theater company; provocative discussion of literature on race, gender, class, ethnicity, and sexual orientation through the Harrison Reading Community; creative activities hosted by the Penn Art Club; and a wide-range of student-initiated activities from karaoke nights, brunches, board game nights, Casino Nights, provide limitless opportunities for residents to engage fully in the Penn community and beyond.   

Harrison College House is configured as an apartment building, with seasonal air conditioning, private baths, and, in many cases, kitchens. Due to the apartment-style layout, Harrison's 797 residents enjoy a great deal of freedom and privacy, balanced by a healthy sense of floor community. They also enjoy spectacular views of Philadelphia and its surrounding area from the upper floors. Harrison is situated near to the Class of 1920 Commons, one of the dining halls here at Penn.