Use of Public Spaces

Please help us keep all residents safe and well. Be mindful of Covid-19 guidelines:
  • Wear a mask, maintain physical distance of six feet apart, wash hands.
  • Do not move the furniture, as it has been arranaged to assist you in keeping to these health precautions.
  • Floor Lounges will be closed to provide residential staff a space to meet with residents.
Rules for the use of Harrison Public Areas are as follows:
  1. The floor lounges of Harrison College House are for the free use of Harrison College House residents and their guests. Other groups or individuals may neither use nor reserve lounges to conduct private meetings, rehearsals, auditions, or other similar functions.
  2. Spaces available for reservation include a meeting room (LL12) and music practice room (LL13) in the basement, and a small study room opposite the Computer Lab (103). Access to a second music practice room (LL14) is available to approved College House Music Program participants.
  3. Residents who wish to use public spaces in Harrison for particular activities must work with Harrison College House staff members to develop programs open to all members of the community. Individuals should contact the Harrison College House Dean or other staff members before planning events.
  4. All Harrison College House sponsored programs must be open to all residents of Harrison and advertised no fewer than 48 hours in advance.
  5. Members of the Harrison College House Staff have priority to reserve spaces for activities. No organization outside of Harrison House Staff may reserve a room earlier than 2 weeks before the event.
  6. The Heyer Sky Lounge, formerly the Rooftop Lounge, cannot be reserved under any circumstances. It is kept available for Harrison House events, as planned by the Harrison House Staff, as is the Rathskellar. Similarly, the Seminar Room (M20) is kept available for House events and approved academic programs. However, Harrison is open to co-sponsoring an event with groups on campus. For more information, please contact the Harrison House Office to get started on the process.